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We take pride in our detailed waxing services. From newbies to lifelong maintenance guests, your waxing experience is important to us at every visit. We only use top rated waxes and take the highest measures to ensure that our techniques, rooms, and instruments are always hygienic and sanitary.





Side Burns

Upper Lip​

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Bare Skins






Chest & Abs

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Solany Vajacial
Does your intimate area suffer from ingrown hairs, bumps, and/or dryness? Our specialized post wax treatment will help clear up, hydrate, and soothe your intimate area. Service includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions of ingrowns and blackheads, anti-bacterial high-frequency treatment, ingrown and dark spot serums, and a hydrojelly mask. 30mn/$50

*Package: Vajacial & Brazilian Wax $105

Intimate Lightening Treatment
Shaving, friction, and ingrown hairs can cause your skin to develop a darker pigment than the rest of your body. Lighten, brighten, and clear up these areas with our advanced and effective lightening and bleaching treatment. Service can be performed on underarms, pubic mound, inner thighs, butt cheeks, and anal areas. For the best results, a series of 3-4 treatments is highly recommended 3-4 weeks apart. (*Cannot be performed the same day of a waxing on the same area.) starting at $75 per area

Elevate Your Waxing:

LED Treatment:

LED treatments stimulate your face & body’s natural cell processes to elevate the treatment of skincare concerns. Blue LED kills bacteria that contributes to acne. Red LED increases collagen production to improve scarring and signs of aging. Yellow LED corrects skin tone and improve texture. Green LED treats hyperpigmentation and sunspots. Add on to any facial or body treatment or schedule one on its own. $25 

Hydrojelly Mask: 
Hydrojelly masks help to push products deep into the skin to calm, brighten, detox, hydrate, your face or body. Add on to any treatment and give your skin a beautiful glow. $15
High Frequency Treatment:
High Frequency treatments are designed to kill bacteria, calm inflammations, and increase collagen and elastin. $10
Hand/Feet Masks:
Pamper your hands and feet with hydrating and soothing masks. $10 each. Both for $

**Manzilian Wax must be reserved by phone only. Please call 860-264-5874**
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